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Preserving My Tape Archive

Recently I went through a load of my stuff as I was moving out of my flat in Leith and in the process I rediscovered my collection of tapes which I have not listened to in years because I haven’t had anything to play them on. After a faltering attempt to record them with a portable tape player that turned out to be mono (MONO!-what is the point!) I got a more suitable stereo tape deck so I could start preserving my tape archive.

At this point I have already posted a few of them on Mixcloud and I’m going to make a separate page on my music site just dedicated to this archive. The ones I’ve been recording are all standard audio cassettes but I hope that I’ve now got the means to also record my Digital Audio Tape (DAT) collection.

Weekly Tape Sharing

I’m going to start posting one a week, usually on a Friday to get them out for the weekend so you can enjoy some classic mixes from back in the day! Most of them were done by friends of mine or by yours truly but there are a few from other DJ’s and a lot from the radio which are also quite amusing to listen to for a stroll back down memory lane. The odd ones that aren’t strictly mix tapes I will probably not put up on Mixcloud but I will figure out some way to make them available either here or on Soundcloud.

There are also quite a lot of examples of my own early music compositions and even some experimental electronic jams I did with my mate Chris Giorgi who features as the DJ of quite a lot of the mixtapes. This includes one of the first ones that I ever got from him which is already on Mixcloud.

Hopefully you will have a chance to listen and please feel free to share them with anyone you think might like them. I was having a chat with a friend recently about how a lot of the 90’s music and fashion is coming back as it is seen as “retro”. Here’s a bit of authentic material from those heady days of my teenage years. Please leave comments if you have a message for me about any of these tapes or about my process for preserving my tape archive.

By DrewMcN

Drew McNaughton is a poet and musician with a passion for nature and languages.

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