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New Album Coming Soon!

I’ve got an announcement! I am going to release my new album this Friday! Short notice I know but I got a burst of inspiration over the last couple of weeks and that combined with a weekend off meant I got a bit of recording done. After a bit of nifty editing I finally completed what I think is the last piece of the puzzle for a new album.

It’s called “Anima Mundi” and I’ve been planning it for quite some time. I even ran a crowdfunding campaign for it and I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed at the time. I hope it will be worth the wait!

I’m only releasing it as a digital download which will be available on Bandcamp. I’m really not very happy about the situation that now exists in music publishing with streaming platforms taking a huge cut and basically using the artists to drive advertising income. This is not what music (or any of the arts for that matter) is about. But as the internet becomes increasingly more like one giant advertising machine such is the way of things.

I like Bandcamp for a number of reasons even though I think they were bought out recently by a much larger company who I may not necessarily agree with. Firstly, they do Bandcamp Fridays where the artists get 100% of the takings from sales. This seems a much fairer outlook. And also the platform has a lot of flexibility for ways to share music including the licensing (e.g. you can use Creative Commons style licensing) and also the fact you can stream tracks before you buy and you can set the amount of times this is possible before a gentle nudge is given that you might like to buy the music.

I have changed my outlook so much in recent years about the role of music in peoples’ lives (including my own) and the way this is reflected in our culture which is highly consumer driven. This made me possibly change the tack I was going to take in making this album, but it is what it is and you will get to hear it soon!

By DrewMcN

Drew McNaughton is a poet and musician with a passion for nature and languages.

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