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I decided to reinstate the Daily Gaelic Verb highlighted on my website as it is now getting to be summer. Summer is the time for action, it is a verby time.

As well as updating the main page of the Gaelic part of my website with the Daily Gaelic Verb, I’m going to do a daily blog post about that day’s verb. The link to subscribe is below. If you subscribe you will also get posts about the lunar cycle when it is renewed which gives links to the Salman (Gaelic Psalms) part of my website. For obvious reasons these will only be monthly posts.

The Daily Verb posts will be short but hopefully useful and if you subscribe they will come straight to your email inbox. I hope they prompt you to increase your Gaelic vocabulary!

Main Gaelic Page (Scroll to End for Subscription)

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Drew McNaughton is a poet and musician with a passion for nature and languages.

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