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Bealltainn 2021

Take in a deep breath. Let it out and just pause for a moment. The present is filled with the power of new possibilities. We are not who we were a year ago. If you are alive (and I assume you are) the living processes of energetic exchange have not ceased working within each and every one of us over the last twelve months. Each month is a cycle of renewal. On the outside we may not have changed all that dramatically. On the inside we have transformed. The steady flow of the nutrients from food, water and air and the energetic action in the billions of cells that make up our bodies has been going on automatically and without conscious awareness. Now however we may be aware that tectonic shifts have occurred within. As time passed layers were peeled away to reveal a new and vibrant interior landscape. Don’t rush. An explorer takes time to prepare an expedition into unknown territories. Be gentle on yourself and on others too as they have been on a similar journey. Thank your body for persisting and for its wise endurance.

Bees in Oxford

Here is a video of some bees I discovered while on a walk yesterday.

By DrewMcN

Drew McNaughton is a poet and musician with a passion for nature and languages.

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