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Alea Evangelii – The Event

On Thursday last week, which also happened to coincide with Thanksgiving, the Alea Evangelii event I posted about previously took place. I’m very grateful to everyone who came along and particularly Jonathan Hodson who organised the room booking and Amanda McGregor who took the pictures I’m including here.

The venue was the Corpus Christi College Seminar Room that faced directly onto the courtyard, or “quad”, of the college. The room was amply spacious for the 12 participants who came along and I began by giving an informal explanation of the game and how I came to be so intrigued by it.

The main event was the opportunity for attendees to play the game itself and we had two boards set up to allow up to 8 players at a time. The group who played first even had an opportunity to go for a second round and I was happy to see that they enthusiastically set up and were off once again!

I really enjoyed myself and was glad to see that others were enjoying themselves too and it seemed even more poignant that the game was being played in the vicinity of the actual manuscript itself which had been the vehicle to transmit this game for so many centuries through to the present day.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in learning more about the game and I hope to be having more events like this in the future!

By DrewMcN

Drew McNaughton is a poet and musician with a passion for nature and languages.

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