Book Signing

Just felt like saying I had a funny day today. I’m visiting Oxford just now and went to Blackwells which is one of my favourite bookshops. I went down into the depths of the Norrington Room and saw a whole pile of books by Richard Ayoade and a wee sign saying he was doing a […]

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Shocks to the System

Poetry is beautiful and I couldn’t live without it. Sometimes though it feels like an isolating pursuit because generally I tend to read and meditate on poetry in solitude, particularly when I’m getting to grips with the subtleties of Gaelic poetry which I have to look up in the dictionary. It can feel doubly isolating […]

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World Mental Health Day

As it is World Mental Health Day I just thought I’d share a bit on my blog. I have had personal experience of this and it is something which I realise has been a feature all of my adult life. I had my lowest point when I was admitted to hospital (the only time I’ve […]


National Poetry Day 2019 – Truth

Today is National Poetry Day and the theme for 2019 is Truth. So I’m sharing a poem which I wrote quite a few years ago but I feel it is still relevant. The Epidemiology of Pathological Lying Dedicated to Hygeia Lying is a social diseaseAnd every promise broken,Every word not keptWears down your resistance. Like […]